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Former Teacher 07:42 AM 12-31-2012
Originally Posted by MamaG:
Here's the situation, dcm works very long hours. Clocks in at 5:30am often doesn't get off till 6. Usually off by 3. She used to send a friend to pick up DCG when she worked late. When DCG saw friend picking her up she had instant melt down. She knew mom was working late, this was over summer. We talked and friend don't pick up anymore. DCG doesn't know moms working late, mom still picks her up.

At drop off dcd says dcm's working till 6 so ill pick DCG up. Soon as he leaves crying over nothing and everything begins. It won't end till she leaves! If I talk to her she cries, if I ask her to come eat, she cries. If any child touches a toy she has claimed, bawling!! If a child talks to her, she hits, says mean things, cries!! She will be a monster the rest of the day and the obvious isn't doing any good. I know dcm knows all this, she put in a two week notice months ago. But stayed. She asked my opinion and I didn't tell her exactly what I thought just that DCG does miss her terribly. What should I do?! I've never seen a kid react to mom working to much like this.

I am sorry but I have no advice for you

At my former center I experienced the opposite. There was this little girl who was right there when the door opened at 6:30 and was sometimes the last child to leave at 6:30. This was Mom's choice-she wanted to get her money's worth

Mom couldn't figure out why this little girl would CLING to me in the mornings. I told Mom that she is sometimes alone with me for about a hour if not longer in the morning. The same with pick ups. It baffled the mother because she wasn't even in my classroom. She wanted to know why we had such a bond. I tried to tell her repeatedly that her friends didn't come until later in the day and it was just her and I in the center.

Apparently she also missed me on the weekends. She would always play school or play house and she was my mommy

The final straw was when on the weekend (Saturday morning) she had fallen and hurt herself. Mom said she cried for the ENTIRE weekend. I think mom got the hint. She FINALLY started to drop her off and picked up a decent times.

She eventually moved out of state. I miss that little girl. She is probably a teenager now