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Starburst 06:34 PM 02-01-2013
I have thought about when I start my business maybe making coffee or tea and maybe having fruits, muffins, or breakfast bars that are available for the parents that drop their kids off earilier in the morning either every day, once a week, or just occationally. Sometimes they are too crunched for time in the morning and don't have enough time to buy or make coffee at home. My future husband (current fiance ) would most likely leave the house around the time I plan on starting (6 am) and will make coffee be for he leaves and I don't really drink coffee or warm tea (I like iced tea) so it could be a nice way to show appriciation to the parents.

And if they frequently break my rules or constently disrespect me I can always just stop doing it and then they will realize that I was doing it to be nice- not because I was obligated too. lol just kidding.... maybe....