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MarinaVanessa 04:00 PM 06-02-2013
I know that you said you don't have a lot of room but I also use bins. I use the plastic file containers from office supply stores and put those green hanging file folders in them. I don't do them by "theme" per say because I do an entire month long theme and then break that theme down into sub-themes etc. so I plan my activities by day (day 1, day 2 etc). I have one sometimes 2 hanging file folders per week and then have each day in separate regular folders.

In side each folder I have the day's lesson plan (instructions with materials list), master copies for any templates and books to read for the day. A week in advance, or more if I can, I'll take out the lesson plans and prepare the materials that I need for the week and pre-cut stuff out if I can so that each day in the morning or night before I only have to prepare art materials and supplies (paint, ingredients for cooking activities, specific games or toys etc.)

This helps me out a lot keeping things organized this way because I can keep an entire summer's worth of activities planned in one bin and two months worth of regular activities in a bin. It make take up room but the time saving is totally worth it.