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LaLa1923 06:45 PM 06-24-2013
Originally Posted by Unregistered:
To me its a little confusing and I think more people are going to choose your lesser rate and then you will lose out on money.

I use to do hourly and charge regardless of attendance. I did not charge if I took the day off (vacation, sickness, personal time).

Now I charge daily and charge regardless of attendace. Once again if I take time off I do not charge. The issue I'm running into with daily is sometimes my income is incrediably high, other times incrediably low. Its to all over the place in my opinion and I've seen some pretty shocked faces on parents on those very high months.

So I think I'm going to totally change again and charge by the month on how many days a week they attend.

5 days a week-$500 a month
4 days a week-$400 a month
3 days a week-$300 a month

Once again no reduction if child isn't in attendance and I've already discounted anytime off I will be taken so I can now take time off and not lose pay.

I think the parents will appreciate the consistency also and they won't be wondering each month how much their bill will be even though its pretty easy to figure out at $25 a day.
What about months there are more weeks?