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Willow 08:31 AM 09-27-2013
Originally Posted by daycarediva:
so that I can clean, catch up on paperwork and shop during nap. Instead, I get sick and feel like doing nothing.

Anyone have ideas for sensory bins? I have a fall one with acorns, pinecones, leaves, small sticks in it. I was thinking getting indian corn and small gourds with cornmeal and different fall colored pom poms and tweezers.

Apple themed crafts? We painted with apple halves last week and now the kids are OBSESSED with apples. We are going apple picking next Friday and I would love to do the whole week apples.

Farm theme ideas for the following two weeks would be awesome, too.
I threw spices into the fall sensory bin. Like literally cinnamon sticks, pumpkin pie spice and cloves. It was my first time adding smells and it's the first thing they grab when I open the tote (just have to help hold the containers or I have little doubt they'd inhale the powders lol).

We added the pumpkin pie spice to our latest batch of hm play-doh.

There's a great recipe for crock pot apple cider on Pinterest. As well as easy to make mini apple pies, baked apples and apple butter (would be fun treats to make and send home).

Farm - you could make cotton ball sheep, talk about how chickens give us eggs and cows give milk (explore the processing or make mason jar shake it up butter), make farm collages out of magazines clippings, let them make it "rain" hay lol