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AuntTami 03:17 PM 11-12-2014
LOL! I need to implement this policy!

PT DCB 4 was my only DCB today for a few hours and I was so upset to see he didn't come in snowpants! He's had his snow pants every day he's been here for the last week, and today...No snow pants! I was so excited to go outside and play with him and just him, but no snow pants = no snow play However, the roads here are still really icy and slippery from the snow storm yesterday, and DCB lives about 25 minutes away in the middle of no where, so I didn't make mom go home and get them. I just told her make sure he at least brings them with him from now on.

FT DCB 1.5 has an extra set of snow pants, boots, an extra coat, an extra hat and an extra set of gloves that I keep here. His mom is really great about making sure I have any and all clothes we may need. I even have 4 extra outfits and a couple pairs of pajamas, just in case.