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Dilley Beans 02:28 PM 11-28-2014
I am going to be opening in 2015 and have worked on a lot of materials. I don't know if it is too much...I just want to be thorough.

My handbook is 28 pages

Then the forms:
1. enrollment form/admission agreement
2. About Your Child (1pg)
3. Authorzation for application of topical products, Health History,
4. Explanation of reporting (I haven't seen anyone have this on their site or anything, I thought it would be good that all parents understand what I am watching for in the way of abuse and neglect)
5. State Immunization form (required)
6. On/Off Premise permission
7. Permission to photograph/video
8. USDA Food program Enrollment Form (required)
9. Infant specific form regarding that I told them about/gave flyer on reducing risk of SIDs, permission to use a front pack, feed formula, use a pacifier, use a sucker for their nose, etc.
10. Contract Schedule and Rates

Questions I have for you all, A) Is it too much, what would you nix or combine onto one form? B) Does this thoroughness close gaps in liability or open me up to more liability because I am specific about so many things, where there may be gaps leaves me more vulnerable.

Thanks in advance!