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Heidi 03:44 PM 11-28-2014
Originally Posted by Laurel:
I am retired now but I had no handbook. My contract was 2.5 pages. The only forms I had were those that were required by licensing.

The way I think (and which worked for 20 years) is that the more that is in my contract the more I am limited as I have to go by the contract. I prefer just to make the basic rules/guidelines and then handle things as they come up. I can make any decision I want and no one can say "Well that isn't what it says in the contract."

Of course, I am fair because I don't want people to leave.

My friend who also just retired had one single page called Guidelines with about 10 or 12 things on it. She said if someone didn't want to go by the guidelines they could leave.

Keeping it simple was good for me.

I could say things like:

"I don't allow children to wear necklaces or small barrettes because smaller babies find them and chew them. Please don't bring them."

"Let me explain how we do potty training here."

"He can bring that toy in but I am not responsible if it gets lost or broken. Do you want to take it or leave it here?"

"Please give me notice if you are leaving. At least a month if you can." (That was in my contract but no mandatory notice just a request). That way if I want them to leave at any time whatsoever, I am not stuck with them for two weeks.

"If you want to arrive earlier or stay later and I can accommodate, there is a charge. Are you interested?"

Almost anything can be handled as it happens. If I wasn't sure I just said "I'll think about it and let you know."

Except for the notice period, I'm with you, but the state of WI says otherwise. Most of what's in my 10 page handbook is required by our licensing. I don't know why they have to dictate parent contracts and a number of other things that are not Health and Safety, but apparently, someone thinks they should.