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kendallina 03:53 PM 11-10-2015
I also don't allow anyone to greet at the door. When someone comes in, they are supposed to stay where they are, they are welcome to say hi and wave and that's about it until the child has taken care of their things and said goodbye to mom.

I often have an activity out that the children are supposed to come and join when they are done saying goodbye and I'm usually sitting right with them and they are not supposed to get up. It sounds similar to what you had going on this morning...

I have one child that would go up and hug another child's dad when that dad came in (we're from a small town and everyone knows everyone else's families) and it just got weird. So, I had a few conversations with this child about what we need to do when someone comes in the door (we stay where we are and say hi) and I did a lot of reminders before the dad would come at pick-up and that worked really well, he doesn't do this anymore.