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Ariana 08:02 AM 01-27-2016
If a child seems too tired or seems to be getting sick I don't send home the first time. I only treat symptoms so unless the child is actually sick I won't send home. If the child is continually lethargic and unable to participate I will call the parent and have done so. I allow the child back in the next day if there is no sickness....but will call again if need be.

My policy is when they are sick they must stay home for 24 hours after symptoms have passed. So 24 hours after last bout of diarrhea, or 24 hours after last vomit or last fever. This way kids are not coming in sick. Not all kids are fully recovered after 24/48 hours so for me 24 hours AFTER the LAST symptom works better for me. I also really encourage parents to call if they aren't sure and then I make a call based on what they are saying.