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krosey5 08:28 AM 04-02-2016
I have been working toward closing my daycare. I currently have 1 part-time family. They have 4 children, but I only care for the youngest 2. The older 2 are school-aged & attend aftercare at school during school months. Grandma has them during the summer. I have had this family for 3 & 1/2 years. I have grown very fond of them. They are an all around great family. I have never had any issues with them.

I was offered a position at my girls' school for next year. It is in the extended care program, so it will only be after school with an occasional need before school. I was up front & honest with my family when first approached about the job at the beginning of February. I told DCM that I would stay open until the end of the summer so that she would have plenty of time to find other care. She said she was saddened by the news, but understood.

During pickup, she asked if I would consider keeping her kiddos 2 days/week (currently I have them 3) & she would have her husband pick up earlier so that I could make it to school for extended care. She also said I could take summers off if I wanted since Gma is already at the house caring for the older 2. I talked it over with my husband & agreed to make arrangements to accommodate them. I told her I would get details ironed out & we could sit down to discuss.

I am struggling with pricing, vacation, holidays, & sick time. They currently pay $165/week for part-time (3 days/week). The children are 4 years old & 1 year. Their current contracted hours are 8:15-4:45 (dad has been picking up about an hour early everyday for the last month). The 4 yo attends pre-k 2 days/week. I take her & pick her up.

My current pricing states PT is 3 days or fewer/week (up to 9hours/day).

Since I'm doing this as a favor to her (although the extra income will be nice--I won't deny that) & genuinely want to be done with in-home daycare, I'm conflicted on what I should do.

Since they will be going down to 2 days & less hours (8:15-1:30), should I reduce their weekly rate? Should I keep all the same holidays off, same amount of vacation time & sick/personal days that I have in place or reduce them?

I will be keeping my license & have already spoke to my DCFS rep. I also will keep my business liability insurance, just in case. DCM has not asked for a reduced rate, but I want to keep things fair for her. I also do not want to bend too much. I'm worried if I bend a lot, I will be losing the good business relationship we have built over the years. Our business relationship & their respect of it is what has helped our personal relationship develop to what it is.