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krosey5 11:11 AM 04-02-2016
Originally Posted by Snowmom:
The bolded part above tells me that even though you'd like a little extra income, you're still doing it for them vs doing it for you.
If you do feel you want to, then I'd look at ways to save money. Can you cut expenses in food areas? Could you ask the parents to contribute with activity expenses (bring preschool activities or contribute to your stash)? Are you currently buying any diapering supplies they could be responsible for instead? Look at all avenues you spend money on to see if there's alternatives.
Then, I'd adjust their rate, but only to where it makes sense FOR YOU to make a profit.
I truly am doing it for them. I'm ready to have my home back. I have an entire room dedicated to daycare. I'd like to finally be able to utilize it for our bedroom so our girls can have their own rooms. Not to mention having all things baby (gates, pack n plays, toys, bibs, etc) in the house that our girls have outgrown. I just keep thinking what I would do in her situation. I don't trust a lot of people. I also know it's only for a few more years. I'm positive she won't have me caring for the 4 year old once she starts Kindy. So 1 more year with her. And then it will just be the baby. Thank you for letting me talk it out.