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lovemydaycare0912 10:50 AM 05-11-2016
Okay so I have 2 things I need help to better understand and how to word it in my new handbook. I am going to start requiring a 2 week deposit. When parents give notice on Fridays only, they will continue to pay for last 2 weeks of care. On child's last day, parents will get their deposit back as long as payments were made on time and all policies were adhered to.

Now I am trying to figure out how does that work when I am terming? If I term immediately, it would obviously be for a good reason for which I would not return the deposit.

If I am giving them 2 weeks notice for let's say my hours are changing or whatever it is, how do I go about this? If the parents don't choose to come back, they don't get their deposit back and I am covered. They do stay the final 2 weeks and make payment, and I return their deposit. How about, if parent does not want to stay for final two weeks but pays anyhow. Wouldn't that not make sense?

I think I may have answered my own question. They stay and pay and refund on last day. Or they never come back and I keep deposit.

Help please! lol