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jenboo 11:25 AM 03-15-2017
DCB is new.He is a new 1 yr old and has been at home until now. This is his first full week. He came a few days for two weeks before this week.
I've already seen improvements in some areas but others are still lacking... its very weird..I'll try my best to explain.

DCB now will wander and play if I am in the room/yard. He doesn't cry anymore or try to cling to me like he used to.
When its time to sit for lunch or lay down for nap, he goes into pure panic mode. He freaks out, cries hysterically and tries to grab onto me as tight as he possibly can. Its very frustrating. If I am touching him he is fine but if he is sitting at the table and I move or stop touching him he panics and screams.
He also does the same thing when I enter or exit the room. If he can't see me, he is fine. If I walk into a room, he is hysterical again and tries to grab me with a death grip.
Yesterday towards the end of nap, he was awake and laying quietly. I had to leave the room. When I came back, he saw me and the crying panic started.

I have never had a child act like this before. How can I help with with adjusting??