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jenboo 12:13 PM 03-15-2017
Originally Posted by Pestle:
Yikes. It's only been a week of full-time care, so maybe this will level out, but maybe not.

Could he be struggling with transitions? Lunch time and nap time means breaking his focus on an activity, moving him to a different location, separating him from objects he was using, etc.

Or, if the parents are rushing to soothe him when he fusses but not providing positive reinforcement of independent play, he may have learned that contact = love. So he's anxious when reminded that you're not in contact with him. Building motor skills and helping him set his own place at the table and get his own bedding set up could help with that--teach him to be proud of becoming self-sufficient, instead of feeling neglected. At this age, he could learn to take a spoon from a caddy, drag a blanket to his crib, etc.
Its definitely the second. He is so worked up though he literally can't do anything. If i come within arms reach i literally have to pry him off of me.