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kpa0627 05:04 PM 12-10-2010
A child in my daycare got bit by another child today over a toy. They are both 23 months old. It did not break the skin so I cleaned it off put an ice pack on it and then filled out an accident report to place in child's folder. When mom picked up I told her what happened and how I cleaned it and she said okay and acted as if it was no big deal. An hour later she text my phone and it said "Who was it that bit my son?" I text back "One of the little ones. I'm not supposed to disclose that information." Her response, "I can't believe that." I text back, "You can't believe what?" Her response, "I can't believe that my kid can be bit but I am not allowed to know who did it. What happens if it breaks skin?" At this point I tried to call so we could talk but she wouldn't answer. She texted again, "I am not mad but I think that it should be a parental right when something like that happens that I know." I text back a lengthy response, "Well, it is no different than when your son went through his biting phase a few months ago. I let the parents know what happened but did not disclose who did it. That is when you run into parents not wanting their kid around that child, etc. It's just like your work (she's a nurse) where some things have to be kept private. Daycare is the same. The biting policy is in the handbook. If it breaks the skin I must call the parent so they have the choice of me cleaning it or coming to look at it to decide if they would like a doctor to look at it (licensing rules). You can contact my licensing surveyor at *** *** ***X if you feel the need to but i assure you the two issues you've had with my daycare (biting policy and sick policy) is appropriate via their rules."
She text back, "Ok well have a great weekend." I said "Thanks."
I'm just very frustrated because we just had an issue earlier this week with her child puking and I told her he couldn't return the next day and she was very rude about it. I'm tired of having to explain my policies to her. I have had NO issues with any other parents and I just don't get it. What would you guys do? Should i just let it roll off my shoulders as an ignorant parent or terminate? I plan on calling my licensing surveyor to let them know she may call (my surveyor said to let them know if we think a parent may call for reasons like these). UGH....... :-(