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TomCopeland 01:14 PM 04-18-2018
Originally Posted by lovemykidstoo:
Good point lol. I've attached the flipside of my attendance record book. Would this side be a good place to log my after daycare hours? If so, how detailed do I need to be on it? Can you give me an example if I read your book for 2 hours, would I write under the date for example "read tax book", "planned crafts", etc? I just want to log those hours correctly and detailed enough in case of an audit. Thanks Tom!
Yes, you can track your hours there. I would carefully track hours when children are not present for at least 2 months and use the average from these two months for the rest of the year. Your record should show the time of day you are doing the work (so we can see that it's not when children are present) and enough description so we can see why it takes you this time to do the work. For example: "Saturday, 9-10am, clean bathroom and kitchen, sweep floor in playroom, clean six outdoor toys, put away children's books and toys." Or, "Wednesday 7-7:30pm, read Tom Copeland book."