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CalCare 06:36 PM 06-12-2018
Hi, I see you are in CA, like me. I have seen people do small family childcare (which means 6-8 children depending on ages) even in a very small upstairs apartment. You want to Google "title 22 family childcare California". That will tell you all the rules. I actually don't think there is a minimum square foot per a child for what we call "small family childcare" which is what I do. I believe the space required does come up if you apply for a large license which is 12-14 kids.
The problem you may actually have is that you are in a duplex. If you are in a duplex, idk if the other half of the house (that you don't live in), will need to have all adults fingerprinted because I think they may consider it the same residence. And in CA, to get your license (and everyone must get a license) all people 18 years and up in the residence has to do a background check.
As far as the landlord, they have no say whatsoever in CA! It's your right to do a small FCC and you just have to inform them. So whatever they want to say about visitors or parking doesn't matter. however, if the landlord doesn't like what you are doing, I'm sure they will find any other way to kick you out. So, I would clear it with them ahead of time! For your own piece of mind!