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Leigh 08:35 AM 07-05-2018
I give my parents my rates as yearly tuition. I figure out how much per year that I need to make per space, and let them decide how to pay (weekly, monthly, every other week, etc.). They choose pay frequency and must stick to it. I explain to them that they pay the same no matter what because my days off are already built into my yearly rate. If a parent has a problem with paying during weeks where I have time off, they have the option of paying a higher payment other weeks, but it must still total my YEARLY rate. Basically, they can pay a 10% higher rate during the weeks that they do attend so that they don't have to "pay" when I am off work. Absolutely no one has taken me up on that offer. This system has worked wonders for the "do I have to pay for XXX?" parents.