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momma2girls 07:37 AM 01-06-2011
Originally Posted by countrymom:
hmmm, sounds like she's a high maintance baby (who mom caters too) first, if she wanted to scream all day, I would have put her in the corner and let her scream there, I don't tolerate screaming for attention. second, I would do what supernanny does at bed time, go in lay them down and not talk to them. also after you throw your stuff out, you don't get it back, I don't play that game.
food issue, I would put her on your schedual, I don't allow children to drag bottles around the house. hmm is mom still feeding her baby food is that why she is not eating.
I don't know what to tell you about the poop, thats weird, I wonder if it has to do with her screaming. also I wouldn't run to her right away, like I said sounds like high maintance. I would also do one nap a day with her.
being part time takes a while, but I would give it a month and then see what happens. I like that age, they are pretty good and adjust well.
I don't either. She eventually went into the pnp.
In my nursing experience, she probably has something wrong with her sphictor muscle, as she relaxes it comes out!!!
As far as keeping everyone awake both naps, she was just WAY TOO MUCH!!!! I tried to let her go without her am nap, but she was screaming and crying, rubbing her eyes, etc. so that is when I started to lay her down, it only took 20 min. of screaming, rubbing eyes, etc... this was like this the entire day. I told the parents, you must hold her all day, they said yes, we do!!! LOL!!!