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BGM 11:41 AM 02-15-2019
Originally Posted by rosieteddy:
I think you just have to wait it out.That being said I would set up a gated area -aka-playpen or separate area .First time each day that he goes to lash out immediately separate him.If its lunch have him sit at table while you prepare meal.Of course he does none of this at home ,everything is his.I would say everytime you need to play alone if you are mean.I always had youngest child next to me and if there was a hitter they were on the other side.They had toys they liked ,just no access to other children.Also in good weather we walked a little more and 2 yr + held on to stroller.It is hard but he should get the idea quickly.Good luck.
Those are great ideas. It's been so snowy here but when it warms up, I'm looking forward to taking them on nice loooooooooong walks. In the meantime, I'll keep letting them struggle it out in the snow.

Thank you!