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Jo123ABC 04:22 PM 04-18-2019
My advice is:

1. Stick to your set hours of operation... Don't let clients convince you of hours that are best for them.

2. Have clients pay in advance with late fees for those who don't pay on time.

3. Have a well spelled out policy on your business.

4. Include paid days off for you (I include holidays, vacation, and sick leave in my policy... It helps to keep you from burning out especially if you have a family of your own you'd like to spend time with without losing a check)... You can throw clients a bone by giving them a few sick/vacation days too if you want

5. Get as much outside time in as possible!! My kiddos are SO much better behaved and happier as am I if we get to spread out and breathe fresh air. A nice big sandbox, some "cooking" supplies, and digging/molding stuff will entertain them for hours a week. Throw some sidewalk chalk and a bubble machine out for extra fun every once in a while

6. Don't do drop in... Unless your into that kind of chaos I guess

7. Sacrifice a bit of space for a larger play pen area so you can set a baby or wild child in there to pee or whatever needs doing without worrying about a certain child haha I always seem to have 1 I need to contain for a minute or 5.

8. Read up and chat in this forum because it's really nice to have people that "get it". I felt isolated before chatting on here with people that understand from a provider's perspective. I have 1 provider buddy in my town but I needed more