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Unregistered 12:20 AM 10-10-2019
My 3yo was dismissed from daycare for an injury caused to another child. My husband was informed verbally at pick up and In front of our child & when I asked to speak with my provider, I was informed via txt that there was nothing to discuss. Through txt, I was informed that my 3 yo doesn’t listen (along with the comment that she doesn’t listen to me or my husband). We were given two weeks but we made arrangements. My 3yo is aware of what happened and the consequences. I didn’t want to confuse her further. TBH she’d had a bad day a few weeks ago but there has been no indication that she doesn’t listen at all. The only details I have are from my 3yo. We had been debating moving to preschool since last spring & have enrolled her in one. We’d been at this daycare for 2 years and thought of them as family. I’m trying to juggle my child’s emotions (her dollie got hurt since she wasn’t being a good listener) with my own emotions (feel betrayed she spent more time with my kid then me). Advice on how to help my lo process this - she’s been super clingy since it happened. To date, I have not seen anything other than txt messages. We are focused on the excitement of starting preschool but I want to make sure that my family is protected. Should I have seen an incident report? Letter explaining termination? I don’t want to seem retaliatory - I want my lo to move on to preschool and remember her time in daycare fondly.