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Jo123ABC 05:57 PM 10-10-2019
I started with both also and I disliked pt for a few reasons:

-Parents switching days or adding days last minute... Especially if I closed for a day. Ft parents paid for my paid days off. Pt parents would try to switch days so they wouldn't have to pay for paid days off.

-kids would have trouble with nap and my schedule because parents didn't keep them on a schedule on the days they weren't here. Especially infants.

-scheduling to meet my financial needs with pt was no fun... Especially since I had ft options but committed to the pt families.

The first pt family I ended up offering ft or they would possibly lose their spot if I found ft. They took the risk and lost their spot. I gave a discount for a family that didn't want Friday care. They kept adding it on and switching days which annoyed me so I told them pay ft and come if you want or don't but I'll be paid regardless. They paid.

I would consider doing pt again IF I got Fridays or Mondays off. 4 days of pt for a 3 day weekend might be worth it but I haven't tried so don't know for sure!

I have pt rates included in my policy book as an option still because if I need to fill and pt is all I have to fill I would BUT I would make it clear that ft is preferred and I would be looking to fill ft so they could enroll but they'd be risking their spot if a ft family came along.