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Unregistered 11:52 AM 02-10-2020
Hows this? then no one feels to blame!?

Dear Parents:
I am changing my closure policy due to illness and lice effective 2/24/2020. Although this hasnít been an issue so far, I recently attended a training and this change was highly suggested. In the event that any illness or lice should cause me to close daycare to prevent the spread of illness throughout the children, payment will be as normal. This policy replaces the previous policy of 5 paid sick day. I have used 2 sick days in about 8 months so hopefully I can continue on the disinfection train and keep our kids and myself healthy, which is my main priority! 😊 Thank you for keeping sick children home to prevent the spread of illness to the other children in care!
I wanted to get this change in place before June when my license changes, allowing me to add more littles to daycare.
Please initial the changed paragraph and return the sheet to me. I appreciate your cooperation!