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NiNi.R. 09:48 AM 05-06-2020
I have a yard with freshly blooming landscaping. It is a rule that kids need to ask permission before picking flowers. Otherwise, if I let all of them pick at free will, I'd never have any blooms. Plus, rose bushes, ouch!

On the way to the car yesterday, one of my 3 year olds picked a flower. I learned this today when he came back and returned said bloom with an apology and an offer to glue it back on to fix it.

Was it a huge deal that he picked the flower? No. It was from an iris bed along the drive way and I never would have noticed it missing. But that makes it all the more refreshing, that not only did his mom tell him he shouldn't, she held him accountable for doing so. So many lessons enforced to that child in that tiny action. It's why I love their family so much.

How about you? Witness any refreshing parenting lately?