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Bluemoon5 11:30 AM 09-09-2020
At my center, policy is anything above the neck is a report and an automatic call home. Below the neck is usually a report and a call home depending on the severity/ our discretion. You get to know the parents; some appreciate the heads up, some wonder why we're bothering them at work.

In the case of the bruised knees, that probably wouldn't warrant a report or a call unless there was a very specific incident. Since you are new to the center, I may have mentioned it the first time at pickup, let you know that it was common/expected and not brought it up again.

As for the red mark, if it happened here I would have called, especially because you were new. But things happen. Even with one or two other teachers in the room, there have been times when I just didn't get a second to call. I fully intend to call after I finish whatever, then ten other things need my attention. If I'm on the phone to a parent, I'm not giving my full attention to the other kids. It's possible the incident happened right before you walked in. I usually round when marking the time down. If an incident happened at 4:12 I'll probably put 4:15.

If you are comfortable with everything else at the center, I might let this one go and see what happens next time. Maybe let the teachers know that you know things happen and they're busy but you'd really appreciate a heads up when something happens.