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Annalee 06:43 AM 11-20-2020
Originally Posted by Blackcat31:
I have always had a rule of no bags or back packs allowed. If I didn't I sure would now simply to decrease the risk of spread.

I also do not allow stuffies or any blankets etc to be brought back and forth between home and care. Bed Bug risk..

I have separate cubby spaces for coats and outdoor gear so they aren't touching each other so that helps. If I didn't I would probably just slip each child's coat into a plastic grocery bag and hang them up.

As for papers sent home....I've gotten away from that in the last few years too with the exception of some art work but considering the COVID issue, I've reduced even more.

Other than what we are doing, I don't think there is anything more we can do.

My biggest struggle right now is trust. Parents SAY they are limiting their interactions with others and not going places. I don't necessarily think parents are outright lying but I am not sure their definition of "limiting" is the same as mine and that kind of freaks me out a bit.