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AmyKidsCo 01:14 PM 11-24-2020
Car seats aren't allowed anymore - not changing that policy after Covid! I never allowed backpacks or diaper bags.

Lovies used to travel but now they need to keep one here if they need it.

Art still goes home because I figure if we've got it, they've already been exposed.

Books, table games and other non-washable things were separated into 4 bins. The bins rotate 1 day open, 3 days closed.

Daily Connect came up with touchless sign in/out and we've been using that for about a month. I added a short Covid screening they have to complete in order to sign in. I love it but licensing still requires us to fill out their form too. (Just FCC, not group centers)

ITA about trusting the parents but the majority of my parents are still working from home and still talk about taking precautions so I try not to worry.