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Pestle 10:54 AM 01-07-2021
Okay, I finally got through on the state hotline--they dropped my call twice--and they said that:

They don't know what they meant.

They said that they do not have any details or current plan for how the "childcare" portion is going to work, but that maybe, by the time they actually get to that phase, they will have instructions.

So yep, I've asked my licensing agent for some kind of note on letterhead, and I'll be bringing my EIN and tax info. Oh how lovely this all is.

Annalee, I'm in Hamilton county and we've been getting shipments but running out immediately each time. We have a LOT of hospitals and senior care facilities here. We border both Georgia and Alabama, and I bet employees who reside in those states aren't getting counted when TN figures out how to allot the vaccines.