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MusicTatter 06:42 AM 02-23-2021
I watch a neighbors 2 children. This isn't the first year, but first to file taxes (long story)

Not sure where to start as she (the neighbor) decided to file taxes for 2020. I have nothing to show but her total of what she paid.

And what do I need to do for the 2021 year? I just watch the 2 kids. Do I have to pay quarterly taxes? or just 1x a year? Can I do a standard food deduction as one child ate what I ate? (the other was on a bottle).

The kids are all over the house, as I treat them like my grand kids. Eat in the kitchen, plays in the family room, sleeps in 2 bedrooms. So do I do the t/s of the whole house? mortgage, ins? my Cell phone for texts back and forth? food?

I am reading the website for Tom Copeland and learning a bunch!