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Catmom1995 01:03 PM 04-11-2021
Thank you, I’ll definitely have to look into that site. As you can probably tell. I’m one of those when stressed can write a novel haha. When I was training in the 3s I was physically seeing the kids already following a lesson plan. The babies room, is I guess getting back into that swing so their opening this room fresh and that’s where I felt lost. I felt confident advocating and saying the 3s wasn’t working for me. I definitely feel comfortable with the babies. But I’m getting into the overall time schedule of changing, who needs feeding when, when are we supposed to be out of the room playing non the play yard. That having the director just throw the lesson planning in tossed me through a loop. I think I’ll definitely try to talk to someone tomorrow a bit more in depth about the areas I’m struggling in. I tried to on Friday and everyone just kept saying how easy it is. They told me to download Pinterest and how I have so simple cause their 1 year olds so the kids won’t follow to much. So sing songs, read, and do arts and crafts that follow the themes for that week. I just feel intimidated seeing all the areas I have to plan for like language arts, sensory, math/science. I feel like I may be overthinking a bit. I’ll look into this site. I appreciate the feedback and honesty