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Default Pacifier Issues

One of my dcb's will be 2 in May. He has an attachment to pacifiers. He normally comes with 1 in his mouth a 2 in his hand. I promptly have him put them in his bag and at naptime I let him have 1. At home he has them all all the time. As soon as mom comes to pick up he drags everything out of his bag and looks for them. Today dad brought him and told me that he's down to 1 and that is the only one they have now because he's bitiing the end of the pacifier off. I told mom today that he's done with it here because I will not take the chance that he's going to bite the end and choke on it. She said that she's going to limit it at home from now on to only naptime to try and get him to go without it. I think she's nuts. What if he bites it at naptime and chokes on it and she thinks he's just sleeping? has anyone had this issue?
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