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Originally Posted by Loveyoustinkyface View Post
Do you think letting this DCM know [this morning] that her child will not be permitted to have binky at all tomorrow, is a good idea? Maybe she'll try it today at home? maybe not.....

You could ask her to no bother bringing it at all, leave it in the car. Hopefully I am not repeating other posters, I did not read all of them.
Most definately. I did tell her yesterday that he would be done with it here. So, hopefully she is throwing it away at home. These are a couple of our texts yesterday.

Me:, Thanks for the headsup. That makes me nervous. Do not want him choking. Are you going to stop giving it to him at home? I just checked on him sleeping and he had spit the pacifier out, so I put it back in his bag. If that's what he's doing, then I wont' be giving it to him at nap anymore. (this is the only time he has it here)

Her: He has them when he is up at home he likes to go to bed hangong onto them. Silly kid. Once he is asleep, he spits it out.

Me: Well here he won't have them anymore.

Her: Sounds good. WE'll gie y an update as to how he's doing at home.

End of text. So I guess I told her a couple of times that he won't be having it here anymore. I was surprised (well not really considering this is her) that she was kinda making a haha oh "silly kid". Yea, real silly when he bites it off and chokes to death. Gaa!
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