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Originally Posted by Meyou View Post
From your stories your ds is the exception to EVERY childcare rule!!! I love your stories about him. One of my dd's is a wild child but your stories always put her in perspective for me.

Oh, I have tons of them (stories) too so whenever you need one, just let me know.

I can tell you about wire coat hangers and why we do not have them in our house anymore (not for the same reason Mommy Dearest had though)

or maybe stories about drinking beer, hating Barney, obese people, 25 lbs of sugar in my carpet, toothpaste in EVERY.SINGLE. hole/crack/space in my house...(including electrical outlets), calling Disney reservations/booking a trip, live mice in the bottom of the toybox, peeing in the clothes dryer etc etc

Yes, my list goes on and on!

In the photo I posted in the private social group, he looks very serious and mellow but we all know how looks can be deceiving.
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