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Originally Posted by Blackcat31 View Post
I get where you are coming from but in all honesty, there is no way that I (as the provider) would try to wean a child from his paci or with hold it from him if the parents are just going to relent and give him one (or two).

That means YOU are the only one dealing with this and the only one trying to figure out a solution.

I would give the issue right back to the parent and tell them if they are simply going to re-stock his paci every time he throws a tantrum then you are going to call them for IMMEDIATE pick up each and every time he tries to bite or does bite the end off his paci.

That IS dangerous but it isn't YOUR problem to fix.

I guess if you don't mind, that is one thing but from an outsiders' perspective, the daycare boy AND the parents are simply letting you do all the worrying and work to address the issue.
I hear ya, but how in the world can I let him have it at naptime knowing that he has bitten the tips off of several pacifiers? What is going to happen if he does that while in his pnp and chokes and dies? It could happen. It IS a choking hazard. I can just see if he were to choke on it and maybe not even die, they would sue me and say that i KNEW that he was doing it. See what I mean? He only has it here during nap, so I don't think it's going to be a big deal. He has bitten the ends off of every single one of his paci's. Why would he stop now? I guess they can do whatever they want on their end, I'm just not really into the risk. My state licensor is coming next week for my audit. I'm curious to see what her opinion is. I know it works so much better when weaning a child together with the parent, but this is the first time I've actually had a child that bit the top off. We talk about how we don't give kids hotdogs at lunch because they could choke. The piece he's biting off is not much smaller than a hotdog bite.
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