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Originally Posted by Blackcat31 View Post
Raw bacon.....????? WTH????? LOL!! (Sometimes I don't want to know why)

Only 8?! Yeah, there is much more to come!

My DS has always loved tools and since my DH is a tool hoarder we started buying our DS real expensive tools at a young age so he has a pretty big set. Well one day we made the comment that if he couldn't behave when we had company over, we were going to have him stay in his bedroom and would lock the door. I think my DS was about 5 at the time.

Well he must have been a little freaked out about being locked behind a closed door because the next morning when we woke up every single door in our house had been removed from the hinges and their door knobs removed.

It took us all morning to put them all back on. He had hidden some of the hardware.

We figure he must have been up all night.....I also have no idea why we didn't hear him but he was also pretty sneaky so....

I am grateful our children aren't the same age or in the same age range.....what if they ever got together and had a child together.

...could you imagine!?!? I would NOT be their child care way!!
She thought we didn't give her enough bacon so she stole 2lb out of the fridge, cut them open with a knife under the table and spread out the bacon in her bed (to hide it) and pulled the blankets back up. I found it when I stripped the sheets and it splatted all over the hardwood floor. She stuffed the packages inside the radiator which we found later when they started to smell.....

Don't even get me started on her taste in boys. She already loves the bad boy and will snub good boys completely. She picks the smartest mouthed little punk around and says he's her love.

I welcome her children into this world so I can revel in the payback. But I wouldn't be their provider either!! Uh uh...never going to happen.
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