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I am from California as well. Due to major budget cuts everything moves slow here and they are short staffed. When I was going through the process, I applied in April and didn't get my license until August. Unfortunatley, licensing new homes is not a priority...complaints and invstigations come first for the few staff they have (understandable but frustrating to wait). I recieved my facilty # and was told who my analyst was before I got my site inspection or license. There is not a whole lot you can do but maybe leave a message for the analyst with a question. Some times the finger prints and back ground checks can take forever because Sacramento moves slow. Sorry can't be of more help. I would start advertising now. Title 22 allows for you to care for the kids of one family not related to you without being license. While you wait you can also put together your room, any preschool curriculum (is using), creating contracts, policy & procedures, go to yard sales & get supplies & toys, create blog or website, make flyers and go to the doctor (hard to do later). Good luck!
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