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Sounds to me like all that you received is your facility number. I'm assuming that you're starting a small FCC because you're not really sure of the process so a fire marshal inspection isn't needed if that's the case (only large FCC's need a fire marshal inspection and you can't apply for that until you've had a small FCC license first).

At this point all you do is wait for your application to be processed. Once that happens they'll call you to set a date for your walk through inspection. Once you have your inspection and pass they'll issue you your license and as of that day you are able to tp provide chidcare services.

I'm on our county's childcare association board and we help providers through this process all of the time, I'm in Ventura county and we suggest (by our local licensing office's recommendation) is that the application be sent directly to your local licensing office ... not to Sacramento. If you send your application to Sacramento they just forward it to you local office anyway. Of course this is what our local office suggests and it sounds like you already sent your paperwork anyway but for others future reference it may be a good idea to call your licensing office first and ask if they will accept it directly instead of sending it to sacramento. I did it this way also and waited only 3 weeks for the call to schedule my home visit.
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