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I have NEVER had a complaint regarding my daycare (other than a parent once who told me he was going to file a complaint because I wasn't open at the hours he wanted me to be).
BUT, I am also a licensed foster parent and we have a saying, it's not a matter of IF we get a complain, it's a matter of I DID have a complaint regarding foster care.
They simply came out and asked myself and the kids questions regarding the allegations. Did their investigation (and discovered I was in complete compliance).
I don't think there was anything reported back to the person who made the complaint (a disgrunteled bio parent who was losing custody of their kids permanently and was trying to blame anyone else she could and take the focus off her).
I doubt if there would be in a daycare situation either. If there were obvious non-compliance issues which may shut the daycare down, I'm sure the reporter would know then, but otherwise I really doubt they would receive any info...possibly if they are really nosey and kept calling the licensing dept.
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