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Originally Posted by Silly Songs View Post
My biggest concern is the staff telling you all the personal issues about the girl. That is unprofessional and if they are saying it about one you can bet they say it about most ! I would honestly remove him at this point. Yes, this is a part of childhood, learning about boundaries and making multiple friends. Your son may very soon get upset about the situation and tell her to bug off ! However, for the staff to say she is s "bad influence" is not their job. Some children mesh well, some children don't. Your son needs to stand up for himself. That comes with lots of practice and role playing.
It's a good lesson to learn, especially before he goes to K and you have zero say in what goes on in the classroom.

I would talk up the other children. Wow, J had the coolest shirt on today. Does he like superman? Superman is my favorite. I wonder if you could ask J to play superman with you today!?

YOU talk to all the children. HEY SAM! Nice haircut! Good morning Steve, how are you Buddy? Hey Julia! Hi Kate! Cute dress!

See if you can get your son to notice other kids to play with, in a positive way.

When he talks about this girl "Hmm, I would not like to be talked to like that." "I would not like it if I couldn't play with my other friends."

Good luck!
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