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bubby 09:44 AM 09-06-2011
I am new here but was just reading your post & smiling. I thought I was the only one with that problem. Sorry, I don't have a solution to your problem because I too am going through this on a daily basis!!!! I feel like screaming some days. I have had dcb since he was 6wks & he is the only one of my 2yr olds that doesnt seem to ever understand what I'm asking him to do. The other boys follow any & every direction I give. But my one little boy doesnt seem to have a clue. I have mentioned to mom on more than one ocassion but she she says she doesnt seem to have that problem @ home 7 that she does a lot of pointing. Even with pointing, he doesnt seem to get it. I dont know if it is a hearing problem or more (he was diagnosed with failure to thrive as an infant) It is very frustrating most days though.