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permanentvacation 02:37 PM 02-05-2015
I have the things you mentioned as well as questions that will help me get to know the child better like...

What is/are your child's current goal(s)? I'm looking for answers like working on counting to 10, trying to master tying his shoes.

What are your child's fears? (Afraid of the dark, monsters, dogs)

What are your child's accomplishments? (Recently learned to zip his coat, can recognize all the letters)

What are your child's previous child care experiences? (Has never been in child care, only babysat by Grand mom, has been in the same licensed daycare home since he was 6 weeks old, loved it, enjoyed playing with the other kids, did well over all, but the daycare provider decided to go out to work, or has been to a couple of daycare centers and homes, but just can't find one that's right for him)

I also have a page for the parents to tell me about the child's home life. Whether the parents are married/divorced, living together/apart, who the child lives with - mom/dad/grandparents/how many siblings, ages of siblings, where the siblings live, how often the child sees the family members he/she doesn't live with. At the top of the page, I wrote a paragraph telling the parents that in order to understand their child better, it would be helpful if I know the family dynamics. Nowadays, families are often non-traditional and it is helpful for me to understand the child better if I understand his/her household better.