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Blackcat31 11:24 AM 03-20-2017
Originally Posted by Unregistered:
We have a boy in the one year old room (whi is now 2) and is so violent toward the other kids and teachers. He closed fist punches the little ones and screams "no!" And "mine" all day. His behavior is really stressing out staff and students. You can't look away from him at all or he is taking toys, pushing kids or yelling. I am trying to find a "behavior plan" type of form to let his parents know that if his behavior continues, he will be terminated. Anybody ever had to do this??
Why is he in the one year old room if he is now 2?

Are the parents aware of this on-going behavior all ready or will they be surprised to hear of these issues?

If they are aware, what was the process in which they were told of it and what has been their response?