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Blackcat31 07:45 AM 04-27-2018
Originally Posted by mamamanda:
So... independent activities that can be taken out one at a time, used on a mat, & put away when done... I'm thinking of a nature box, a music box, some sort of creative box...what other activities would be good for this with toddlers up through age 3? I'm wanting to introduce a calmer independent play time once a day.
I don't provide many independent activities for the under 3 crowd as their goal is socialization and positive peer interactions so I encourage them to not play!

I do provide lots of independent activities for the 3+ crowd but most of things I have available for that age group are things like counting/sorting bags, lacing cards, science experiments, writing activities and small motor skill practice (scissors, gluing, tracing etc)

Sorry, I am not much help as most of the activities I have I wouldn't trust an under 3 kid to do independently..