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Blackcat31 09:30 AM 04-27-2018
Originally Posted by mamamanda:
That's the problem I'm running into. It's hard to come up with stuff to hold their attention but age appropriate this young. Most of our day is free play style & they all play together. With the exception of our table activities which we do every morning, but again we all kind of work together & it lasts 30min to an hour depending on their interest level. Honestly I was picturing this as something they could do during pick up times to keep things nice & calm during that end of day transition. Or to pull out randomly for the 2 yo who gets frustrated with others in his space all the time.
For the 2 yr old, I would just make sure you have a space where anyone wanting some alone time can go sit and take a break from "public"....let him (and anyone who needs to) use the space when they need it. Recognizing the need for a break is a good way to start focusing on independence which in turn leads to being capable of independent activities.

As for activities prior to pick up, you can provide independent activities within a group...

Book time
Block play

You can give each child the materials he/she needs but when it's time for them to leave, they put away only the materials they used while the other kids continue to participate without disruption.