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CityGarden 06:53 AM 10-12-2018
I have a 2 year old dcb who is biting.... this is a new behavior, he has only successfully bitten once but I can see that it has become his go to attempt to get his way when frustrated. (He also will push / hit mostly when someone tries to play with the person he is playing with or the toy his wants in the moment, etc.)

DCM & I want to partner to give him consistent tools at home and school to handle his frustrations in a non-physical way (i.e. use his words, tell and adult, etc.) Any suggestions on advice I can give to mom? Any suggestions for me?

I cannot term him (he is my highest paying / most reliable client and I love the boy and family) plus dcm is not okay with the behavior and willing to partner with me to help it so I need solutions other than terming. I will only term this dcb as an absolute worst case.

The biting is new and stemmed only after another dcb bite this one last week when that dcb's mom was away for 10 days (the difference was that dcb oddly bit just because he was bored and did not break skin and has not attempted it again after we spoke about it, this one however is attempting to bit or hit/push in frustration several times a day now)