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Canbo 04:47 PM 04-23-2020

We are unable to get our deposit back from the daycare we sent our kid to. Our daughter was going to this daycare up until the COVID-19 started to happening. Then, like everyone, we stopped sending our kid to the daycare. Like everyone, we thought the situation was temporary and that our daughter would be back to the daycare at some point. However, on April 5, 2020, we emailed the daycare and told them we don't think it is possible that our child will be back in the daycare and we requested the deposit we paid to be refunded to us. We didn't hear anything for two weeks. We called the office and were told by the front desk associate that we should email the owner. We emailed the owner on Apr 22, 2020, and the same associate emailed us back saying that we cannot get a refund (I think they are using a common communication portal so anyone can respond to an email). In normal circumstances, after a notice given, this daycare uses the deposit to cover weekly fees. However, because we are not able to send our daughter to the daycare, this deposit is not used to cover our fees. And there is no policy explaining in a situation like this what would happen. Despite our efforts trying to reach the owner, we got no response. I was told today, Apr 23, 2020 if the owner wants, he can reply but we cannot force him to reply.

Just now, I received an email from the owner, he thinks I screamed at his staff. And he decided to give my account to the collection agency. I am not even sure what type of debt he is referring to. As far as I know, they own us a deposit and we always pay at the beginning of the week upfront.

I apologize for taking your time with this long message. I would like to hear where I can complain about this business? Who I can reach? Who does regulate daycares and their financial behaviors? Any advice or help will be appreciated.