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Canbo 06:06 PM 04-23-2020
We received this message a on March 24:

"We are open as an essential service.
We are here to serve all our families whose jobs are considered as part of essential services"

In our household, mom is a housewife so her job is not considered as essential (ironic). And dad works from home and his job isn't considered as essential.

Based on the message we received we assumed they won't push us back to send out kid to the daycare. And literally we couldn't reach them for weeks. To figure out when we can get a refund. The owner blamed my husband saying that he knows the deposit is not refundable and we should have given a notice.

Now the owner blows out and talking about a collection agency, unpaid weeks due to not given notice, etc... His last statement doesn't want to answer phones and won't reply emails.