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Canbo17 10:11 PM 05-05-2020
Thanks all for your replies. Here are some updates. The owner sent us a bill claiming unpaid fees from last year (at the time the management let us took two weeks of holiday), one week of vacation this year, and two weeks of post notice payment, although we cannot go to school.

What we have is a proof of
- auto credit payments from last year. This suggest that the daycare didn't charge us since they approved the holiday. It wasn't us missed a payment.
- an email conversation where they approved this year's holiday.
- an email conversation where we unenrolled. No fees mentioned.
- an email came from them that they can only serve essential worker families.
- other email conversations where they kept providing conflicting information.
- recorded phone conversation while he was threatening us to remove the post or he will take our account to collection agency.

The bill is due by next week. What do you all recommend? If we should take this to the small claim court, can we take it before we pay or we take it after we pay?

We Appreciate any feedback